Welcome to Ludwig H. Dyck’s Historical Writings

Welcome to the website and blog concerning the historical writings of myself, Ludwig Heinrich Dyck. This site is meant as a resource for those who enjoyed my historical articles and my book, “The Roman Barbarian Wars, the Era of Roman Conquest.” Besides a providing a bit of information about the author, the site will focus on my published articles, on my book and on related links.
In time, this site will grow and evolve. Stop by now and then!

Hermannsdenkmal of Arminius, Liberator of Greater Germania from Roman Conquest. Photo L.Dyck

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ludwig H. Dyck’s Historical Writings”

    1. Hi there, I’m sorry if I took a while to get back to you; I don’t visit my website as much as I should. Thank you for your inquiry, in general I would very much encourage anyone to quote (with proper credit/source) from my webpage. Could you give me a link to your blog? Thanks,



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