Magazine Article Blurbs

European-Ottoman Wars

Janos Hunyadi, “Scourge of the Turks”

Prince Eugene’s Balkan Masterpiece-the Battle of Zenta 1697

Prince Eugene of Savoy versus the Turks at the Battle of Peterwardein

Roman Barbarian Wars

Boudicca, Britain’s Warrior Queen

Tacfarinas, the Berber Lion of Africa

Teutonic Fury, the AD 9 Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

The Terror of the Goths-the Battle of Adrianople, August 9, 378 AD

To Northern Gaul-Caesar makes war on the Belgae, the “Bravest of the Gauls”

World War II

Stuka Ace Hans Ulrich Rudel-The Reich’s highest decorated Serviceman

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